Our Guarantee

At Dr. Peng’s office, we stand behind all our dental work. We use the highest quality materials and advanced techniques to ensure your dental work is completed correctly the first time. Dr. Peng partners with the best dental laboratories to make sure that your dental work is done as natural looking and accurately as possible. Dr. Peng only uses dental laboratories based in the United States (not based in other countries). By utilizing US based laboratories, you can rest assured that US quality standards are adhered to.

TREATMENT Warranty Term
Crowns, Bridges, Veneers 5 years
Implant Crowns 5 years
Composite Fillings and Bondings 2 years
Dentures 2 years

We will replace, at no charge, any fractures caused by normal use of the above restorations completed in our office.

This warranty does not include anything that is not mentioned above, including gum line desensitization, root canal therapy, night guards and damage caused by accidents, neglect, or improper use. Other terms and restrictions may apply. (e.g. chewing hard objects like pencils, tongue rings, lip rings, etc.)

Each patient must keep our recommended professional check up and teeth cleaning appointments. During these appointments, we can closely monitor and maintain your dental work.

Patients must complete all the recommended dental treatment(s) within a reasonable time frame, this includes the treatment of bruxism guards (teeth grinding).